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Does your mailbox post need replacing or just an updated look?


Replace it in minutes with a durable solution—the SPIN-DIGGER™ Screw-Post.


Save time, money, and back pain! The SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post from U.S. Post Company turns a day-long project into a quick, easy task—with lasting results!


Easy installation mailbox post


The innovative design of the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post features an attached, 19-inch screw-tip, all you have to do to install the post is push down and turn. The unique screw-tip design cuts through the soil, making the installation sturdy as well as easy! And when you want to move the SPIN-DIGGER Screw-Post, just unscrew it!


Click here to see for yourself!

The easy installation
Mailbox Post • Light Post


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